Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday - My First!

Five Minute Friday
I am participating in Five Minute Friday for the first time today.  It seemed like a good way of getting some inspiration to write on this blog.  So, here goes!  The prompt is
I have been struggling with something over the past three or four years.  It has something to do with having my daughter and all of her health problems.  It has something to do with moving to Northern California for a job after spending a decade in Southern California.  It has something to do with the strange schedule I am forced to keep with my job.  But, it has a lot to do with me.  What is this something?  A lack of friends - a lack of community.  I have done many things that I you are supposed to - joined a mother's club, playgroup, frequented the library story time, etc.  But, it just hasn't worked out that I have really "joined" a group or made close friends.  And it has been hard.  Really hard.

So, I've made a commitment.  I have told myself I'm really going to work at building relationships at work, in my mother's club, etc. this semester.  I need that community.  I have a great community online, but I don't have such a strong one in person.  I need to find a group to "join" and make the effort to build that group into  a community I am part of.  The workshop I did during the summer gave me a start.  That group is meeting on  a regular basis now.


Wow, that went by really fast.  Kind of fun...


  1. Welcome to this online community. It really is fun to connect with a group who's writing about, thinking about the same thing!

    You're so right ... we all need community. I admire that you're making a commitment to get out there. Go for it, girl!


    1. Thanks Linda! I hope I can actually follow through on my commitment!

  2. hope and pray you are able to find some real life community. your daughter must be an amazing little girl and you must be a special mama for the Lord to have entrusted her to you.


  3. So glad you joined in for the first time. I'll be praying that you make some good relationships that really bring you life and joy!

  4. Praying for you that you'll find the place in a local group, because I know what it's like to be in your situation and I know what a relief it is to find a group of women that you feel a part of. It's so inspiring that you were willing (and able) to make the move to help your daughter.

  5. Oh yes, I pray you find deep community, fellowship, and friendships in real life. Good for you, stepping out and taking the risk to make it happen. And welcome to Five Minute Friday. Glad to have you in this community.

  6. " To the world you may be one person; to one person, you may be the world." Unknown Author

    I adore the trio of violas on your blog wallpaper! Look at how happily they contrast and compliment each other -- just like the people you are about to meet as you follow your intention to join.


    1. I like that quotation and I LOVE the analogy to the flowers! So perfect. I do home that I can find that grouping of people that contrast and compliment! Such a perfect way of thinking about it!

  7. I lived in Chico for 20 years! We just moved down south to Orange County! How long have you been in Chico? I can tell you the best places to eat..
    Pluto's (Downtown.. best salads in town)
    Big Al's soft serve ice cream on the Esplanade
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    I found you through the 5 Minute Friday meme. Welcome!!