Sunday, July 1, 2012

Map? I don't need no stinkin' map!

There are a ton of DIY blogs out there who devote pages to the projects they did that were inspired by Pinterest.  I am not a terribly creative crafts person, nor do I tend to do well on DIY projects.  So, I think of this blog as my place for DIY projects on myself.  And I take my inspiration from other blogs.  So far, I have been inspired to clean and redesign my front porch and clean out my coffee cup collection by Hannah Marcotti and I have done a mid-year reflection inspired by Natalie Houston .  Today's inspiration comes from a very popular blogger and online inspiration, Chris Brogan.  

The key part of the blog post, "Throw Away the Maps," for me was the end:

Want to feel confident? Then forgive yourself every footstep you’ve ever taken until the one still attached to the bottom of your foot and start now. Today. Day one. Focus on your next steps, not the ones you missed.
Bravery and courage don’t come from following some guide. Be where you are, truly where you are at this moment, and see the real territory around you and take stock. And with that reality, even if it’s a painful one, throw away your maps and walk your own path.
I realize that I lack confidence in my life because my past has made me somewhat "gun shy".  I am constantly trying to escape a past that I feel is filled with mistakes, missteps and poor choices.   But, in trying to escape that past, I am also constantly referencing, remembering and reliving that past.  I love the thought of bravery and courage coming from throwing away your maps and walking your own path.  A new path.  A path that does not have a view of the past.  And a path that focuses on where you are now - like one of those big red arrows on the mall maps. '

So, I want to focus on my NEXT steps, not the ones I missed (which there have been numerous).  I think that I've been disappointed in my life at times because it has not followed some guide that I (or others perhaps) had set out for me.  But, in reality, whose life really does?  I mean, my life may have wondered more off the beaten path than most - I graduated from college at the late age of 29, but I am actually working in the field I studied in college.  It took me twice as long to finish graduate school as it should have, but again, I am working in the field I studied in my graduate studies.  I had a child at the late age of 40 and she's had medical issues that most (with God's grace) will never have to deal with in a lifetime.  But, again, I am getting lost in the past.

Going forward, focusing on next steps, I want to make my life fuller.  I want to create a network of people who have similar interests and who are fun to do things with and who actually DO things...and I want to DO things with those people.   I want to get on track financially, which means, right now I need to focus on tracking my spending and paying bills on time and spending within my income.  I want to get organized and have routines that help me be happier and more satisfied with my life.  If I can do those things with bravery and courage, than I feel I will be on the right path!  My own path...

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